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Discover the exquisite world of “The Timber Carve,” proudly presented by “The Wooden Handicraft Of India.” Immerse yourself in our curated collection of finely crafted wooden wonders – from cozy lamps to tasteful furnishings. Each piece, a testament to passion and dedication, invites warmth and elegance into your space. With worldwide shipping, experience the artistry of “The Timber Carve,” where every creation is a modest masterpiece of unparalleled craftsmanship.


In 2017, after completing my 12th grade, I, Karan Kumar, fueled by a deep love for Indian tradition and the art of wooden craftsmanship, founded “The Timber Carve.” Inspired by the exquisite pieces crafted by skilled Indian artisans, I dreamed of sharing this cultural richness worldwide.

Our journey wasn’t without challenges, but with passion and determination, The Timber Carve quickly gained recognition in India’s furniture industry. Each piece we create is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern elegance, reflecting the timeless beauty of India.

For me, The Timber Carve is more than a business; it’s a commitment to preserving our heritage and supporting skilled artisans. Every creation tells a story of love for our culture, and my dream is to spread this art globally, making homes around the world resonate with the warmth of Indian tradition.


Welcome to The Timber Carve, where sophistication meets the artistry of high-quality wooden decor and furniture. Rooted in the scenic city of Dehradun, India, our visionary founder, Mr. Karan Kumar, brings a mission of spreading love and peace through the timeless beauty of our handcrafted creations.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Indian traditions as skilled artisans carve each piece by hand, preserving a legacy of craftsmanship. At The Timber Carve, we don’t just create products; we craft embodiments of artistry and dedication.

Our commitment to excellence ensures each piece harmonizes aesthetics and functionality, showcasing the pinnacle of wooden craftsmanship. With skilled artists at our core, we deliver timeless statements that elevate spaces.

Step into a realm where each product tells a tale of love, peace, and enduring elegance. Welcome to The Timber Carve—where tradition meets innovation, and every creation is a masterpiece ready to adorn your world.


 Registration Number : 05IWAPK7327E1ZM

Importer-Exporter Code (IEC) IWAPK7327E 


Passionate and courageous individuals building a world class company from the ground up. Hard-working, enthusiastic and tenacious, we are motivated by a long term vision and aren’t satisfied with the conventional.


Welcome to The Timber Carve – your B2B destination for exquisite wooden decor and furniture. Elevate your business with our handcrafted excellence. Explore our curated range, transparent pricing, and make a statement of refinement. Contact us for B2B inquiries and access to our rate list. Welcome to excellence and aesthetics at The Timber Carve.


At The Timber Carve, our mission is simple yet profound: to spread love and peace through our handcrafted products, sharing the richness of Indian tradition worldwide. With humility and dedication, we aim to open franchises globally, inviting everyone to experience the warmth and cultural beauty woven into each of our creations. Join us in making our tradition a global legacy.


“The Timber Carve” stands at the forefront of a global movement to elevate the appreciation and reach of wooden handicrafts. Our company, fueled by a passion for preserving and promoting traditional craftsmanship, boasts a team of professional artists whose expertise spans generations. These skilled artisans, deeply rooted in the legacy of woodworking, bring a wealth of experience and artistic finesse to every creation. “The Timber Carve” is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of wooden handicrafts, fusing time-honored techniques with contemporary design sensibilities.

Our commitment to growth on a worldwide scale is evident in our collaborative efforts to showcase the beauty and versatility of wooden handicrafts. Through strategic partnerships, international exhibitions, and an online presence, we aim to introduce our meticulously crafted pieces to a global audience. By marrying tradition with innovation, “The Timber Carve” seeks to redefine the perception of wooden handicrafts, positioning them as timeless and sophisticated works of art.

Our vision extends beyond mere craftsmanship; it encompasses a sustainable approach to production, ensuring that each piece tells a story of heritage, skill, and environmental responsibility. As we continue to collaborate with talented artisans from generations past and present, “The Timber Carve” is not just a company; it is a torchbearer for the evolution and worldwide appreciation of the artistry inherent in wooden handicrafts.